Thank You To My Children

Michelle GershOf all of the things I’ve accomplished in my life, I am most proud to be the father of Alana, Jordan and Michael.Jordan Soumas

You made the journey that much more fun just by being yourselves!

Michelle GershThe unforgettable memories that only a father can experience from Alana’s #kungfu grip on my finger when feeding her as an infant, to your killer cross over dribble , to attending so many games with Michael , you as a player and always us in the stands at some game, to marathon Madden Football sessions with Jordan and us seeing the last game at the old Yankee Stadium together , to the countless number of games I coached each of you or was your biggest fan in the stands; life’s been one magical moment after the other. Michelle GershCertainly none of this could have happened without my partner in life at the time , Michelle, together we built a lifetime of memories. Dreams became reality and that does not happen to most people Shelly, thank you for making my dreams come true. Alana Soumas

My greatest treasure in life is my children. We may not be perfect, but I love you with all my heart.Michelle Gersh

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there on this special day !

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Days Go On

The days go on, one after the other and before you know it life becomes routine.  We continue with the things we did the day before and so easily forget the past.  It can be easy to fall into that rut and before you know it, time is lost. Times and moments that can never come back and regrets that we carry for the rest of our lives. Alana Soumas

You wonder when does it end.

Alana Soumas When is the new beginning? Second chances?  If I could one have one wish, Alana, it would be to find a way to reconcile things with you. I am far from perfect, but one thing you can take to heart forever, your Dad loves you more than anything in the world and would have never wanted things to be the way they are.  No matter what I promise you that. Divorce and separation is an ugly business and when that happens at such a fragile time in your life it becomes even worse.  The moments lost and the memories so cherished, I remember each one of them because they are my top 1o of life.

  • July 8, 1992- for obvious reasons, our daughter is born, A Star Is Born

    Alana Soumas

    The Good Times 1992

  • July 8, 1993- 1st Birthday Party, yeah!!Alana Soumas
  • First day of Nursery School, 1995
  • First day of Kindergarten, 1997
  • Patriots 1st Super Bowl win, 2001, beating the Rams, 2nd Super Bowl, 2003, last second FG beating Panthers, Pats 3rd Super Bowl, 2004, beating the Eagles.  You and I were the only ones who made it to the end of each game!
  • Watching “That Thing You Do”movie  so many times
  • Watching Paul McCartney Concert Live on TV
  • Playing Beatles/Paul McCartney song, “All My Loving” hundreds of times in the car, after that show.
  • Playing 2 on 2 in the driveway, you and I against Mike and Jordan

    Alana Soumas

    Hoops In The Driveway

  • Any day coming home from work and my day brightened just by your smile sitting in your high chair

Alana, I think about my daughter every day of my life. I pray and hope for the day that you open your heart and give your Dad a chance. Time spring past us and we look up and another day, week, month and even year is gone.

Alana SoumasWe push things off until tomorrow and before you know it there is no tomorrow. There is only today. The lost moments of a family life.






We have no idea what tomorrow may bring, though I pray and hope we reverse the course of where we are.  In the end we are judged on our results and rarely on the path we take to get there.  Alana Soumas

Success in life is never measured in how much money we make but in finding love and creating a family. It’s about having fun with those you love most and spending time with them.

Though I can’t go back and make a brand new start, I know and will always believe that we can start from today and make a brand new ending.

Alana, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

This short little video is a dedication to my three beautiful children, Alana, Jordan and Michael and their amazing mother, Michelle, the love of my life ( and we only ever have that one true love; that’s what made it true).

Alana, Waiting For The Day

There is not a day that goes by that I do not wonder how you are doing, Alana.

I wonder what you are doing and how your living life. What new things may have happened in your life today and how you feel. How did the cold winter air feel on your face today or all the questions left unasked and unanswered…….. the biggest question being why?

Why couldn’t this family be together?

Why couldn’t I watch you grow into an adult?

I caused the beginning and tried so hard to fix the middle. Alana , the end is waiting to be written by you and me.

Whether we are a family or not Alana, I promise you that you are in every thought of mine Alana and as my daughter always in my heart, hoping that we can be a part of each other’s lives.

Alana Brroke

My video dedication to beautiful daughter Alana Soumas.

The Holidays

These are the times where one cannot help but be nostalgic.Alana Soumas

Alana, how fast the times went by and yet as I look back I remember moments with you as much as anything in life. Never one to miss an event I always made sure to include you in the annual NVOT-Demarest Football game. Thanksgiving Day was always the kickoff for the holiday season for the Soumas family and you were the heart and soul of our family time.

Can you remember how we sat there watching Super Bowl 38, Patriots v. Panthers. I just checked to see it was played on February 1, 2004. You and I were the only ones who stayed up to watch as the Pats won on a last second field goal to win 32-29.  We were on pins and needles for that last-minute and I remember you could not watch the winning field goal attempt.  Of course it was great that our Pats won Alana but what made it great was it was OUR PATS and I was enjoying the game with you, Mom and your brothers and the only 2 who made it to the winning field goal was you and I. Jojo tried but fell asleep. We did wake him to tell him.

Alana these are just one of so many memories of our life. I know I handled things so poorly when Mom was done but I just hope one day you can understand how much I loved your Mom and then maybe you can try to understand.

Alana Soumas

Hoops In The Driveway

I am so humbled to be your father and so saddened that we are where we are today because there is not a day that has gone by that I have not always thought about you. That is what a daughter means to me. It is not that I also do not think about your bros, it’s just that a daughter is special, so very special.

The day you were born I cried like a child. A daughter. It was not only what Mom had hoped and prayed for, it was Dad also. I try so hard to connect to you Alana because each day we lose so much time.

I love you and miss you Alana Brooke !

Michelle Gersh

To my daughter Alana, I hope you will understand one day. Love DAD


My Daughter Alana

Dear Alana,

Alana Soumas   I can’t undo what has been done. I am so so sorry.

I just hope that some of my words can right some of the wrongs.

I talk and write of you and your mother. That is only out of love and nothing less.

Soumas Family

The Good Times 1992

It is simplistic but is from the heart Alana.

Life unfortunately became messy for all of us and as the years continued, messier and messier.

It takes a little bit of take and a whole lot of give for all of this to work out.

This is not a power play.

I promise you it is only about love. Not for hate and only for love.

I did not want to be the Dad who was not around.  I lived that life as a child and it was terrible.

I just want things to be okay.

I hope to right all the wrongs. Dear Alana, can’t you see I’m not fighting back.

First, as you know, I never ever won a battle with you.

I tried so hard to teach you all I knew.

Alana Soumas

My Life

As you grew up I sat and watched in marvel. Whatever you wanted to you got. I always wanted to be sure of that.

Everything I ever said you took to heart.  I am sorry if I was ever too harsh.

Alana Soumas

My daughter

But remember, every time you fell I caught you, literally and metaphorically.

That’s you, my beautiful daughter, I lost every time I fought her.

I lost every time.

Love DAD

I look forward to a better tomorrow.